Common Terns at Little Marlow GP - 2002 

Following the disintegration of the original raft, a replacement was needed for the 2002 breeding season.  Buckinghamshire Bird Club funded the materials and a band of volunteers built a replacement on 6th April.  It was decided to place all three rafts together to form one large area rather than split up as had been previously done.  Common Terns are colonial breeders so this should not be a problem and it may also help the Terns protect their eggs and young from Crows. 

 1507-BuildingRaftCP.jpg (32803 bytes)

Fixing the barrels to the underside of the new raft

1508-RobGrahamCP.jpg (32485 bytes)

Cutting the wire for the surround "fences"

1510-TernRaftTeamCP.jpg (33605 bytes)

The team proudly stand by the new and repaired rafts.  From left to right Rob Andrews, Danny, Chris Bullock, Alan stevens, Adrian Parker, John Sweeny, Bob Axten, Graham Anderson and Jim Rose

Launch Day - 20th April 2002

1721-ChrisRobRowingCP.jpg (17276 bytes)

Chris and Rob towing the first raft into position

1723-ChrisRobRowingCP.jpg (27182 bytes)

At Full Speed - (About 1/2 mph !!)

1730-AdrianAlanCP.jpg (21828 bytes)

Discussing the positioning of the rafts (Or maybe the football results!)

1735-ChrisRobOnRaftsCP.jpg (11916 bytes)

Fixing to the anchor chains, with a group of Mallard watching with interest in the foreground!

1740-TernRaftsCP.jpg (15726 bytes)

The end result

Final Note - Despite there being only one sighting of a Common Tern so far this year, a pair appeared and were perched on the rafts by late evening on the day of the launch.  Good timing.

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