Common Terns at Little Marlow GP - 2002    Part 2


Jim Rose

Photo courtesy of Mike Collard

This adult was picked up on one of the rafts on 20th July.  It was in an emaciated condition and taken to St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital.  In early August it's condition was said to be satisfactory.  It is hoped it can be released back at Little Marlow in the next few weeks.  Also on 20th a further three chicks were colour ringed.  It is known that at least two young birds escaped the attentions of the ringers.

2790-MikeMickinBoatCS.jpg (33899 bytes)

Our intrepid ringers, Mike Collard and Mick McQuaid in action - 22nd June 2002

2797-MikeRingingTernCS.jpg (23081 bytes)

2799-MickRingingTernCS.jpg (27391 bytes)

A total of 13 chicks were ringed.  Several had already left the rafts and were swimming around the lake.  These were eventually caught, ringed and returned to either the rafts or the sand spit.  One young Tern evaded capture as we discovered a day or two later when an unringed Tern appeared on the sand spit.

2801-TernChickRingC.JPG (28622 bytes)

Fitting a colour ring.

2800-ColourRingC.JPG (10165 bytes)

The colour ring.  Note that the upper colour is dark green.   This colour combination has been used on all of the Tern chicks at Little Marlow this year.  Yellow denotes the site and dark green denotes the year.  Any sightings of these birds away from Little Marlow, or in future years should go to Mike Collard at or to Rob Andrews with your regular Bucks sightings.

2793-TernEggCS.jpg (33941 bytes)

This egg was found under a dead adult bird.  It was thought that the bird may have become egg-bound.

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