Common Terns at Little Marlow - 2008

17th June 2008

This year three rafts had been left out over Winter and so were still tied together and positioned towards the SW corner of the lake.   Ringers Mick McQuaid, Mike Collard and Howard Ginn were on hand to ring a total of 15 chicks.  Two were left of the rafts as they were too young to ring.  There were also three nests with two eggs in each, plus two dead chicks.  This years colour ring is Yellow over Red on the right leg and a silver BTO ring on the left leg (See Tern Home Page for photo). 

Mick and Colin returning from the rafts with bags of Terns

A size suitable for ringing.

Not at all keen

Colour ring being fitted.

What is going on up there!?

A final peck

A quick check over before returning the the raft

Photo time

All done

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