The species recorded within the present county boundaries, up to 31st Dec 2005, are listed in the following pages.  Where known records from the current year have been included, prior to acceptance by the Bucks Rarities Committee.  A brief status in given for the commoner species, with all records being listed for scarcer species.   There are links to relevant distribution charts (updated until end 2004) and pictures where available.

Records are listed using the following colour scheme : -
Red : Sightings Records - Pink : Rare Breeding Records - Purple : "Probables" -
Green : probable escapees
Navy Blue : Records yet to be Considered by the Bucks Records Committe
Further details on sightings may be available in the Buckinghamshire Bird Club Annual Reports.

1.  Divers to Ducks

2.  Birds of Prey to Waders

3.  Skuas to Woodpeckers

4.  Larks to Warblers

5.  Crests and Flycatchers to Buntings

References :-
"The Birds of Buckinghamshire"  Peter Lack and David Ferguson  1993
Buckinghamshire Bird Club Annual Reports

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