Migrant Watch - Arrival/Departure Dates in Bucks

The data contained on these pages is intended to be a source of reference for birders as well having the added interest of containing the latest information for this year (If I can keep up with it)!  The species included are generally the more common of our summer and winter visitors, although some scarcer species are also included.  Other species may be included at a later date if this trial is deemed to be successful (feedback required please). 

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Summer Visitors Spring Arrival Dates
Summer Visitors Autumn Return Dates
Migrant Summer Visitors Spring Arrival/Late Dates
Migrant Summer Visitors Return Passage Dates
Winter Visitors Autumn Arrival Dates
Winter Visitors Spring Departure Dates

The tables linked to this page contain data extracted from Buckinghamshire historical bird records for the years 1971 to 1998.  All records refer to Buckinghamshire.  The records for 2001 contain observations submitted to either the BuckBirders email group, Rob Andrews (the Club Recorder), directly to myself at Jim Rose , or via general internet and Email services such as Birdguides.  If you have any updates of these please let me know.

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