Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea

Calvert - 29th April 2005

ATerCalvert 29-04 077-500.jpg (27283 bytes)

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Photos copyright Steve Norman

Another passage of Arctic Terns were seen at Calvert Lake just three days later than in 2005.  This time there were just four birds.  To see a graph of Arctic Tern records in the county click here.

Calvert - 26th April 2005

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Photos copyright Tim Watts

Pictures of an exceptional record of Arctic Terns at Calvert on 26th April.  Not only is the shear number of birds very unusual but to see them resting on the water is also very odd.  Tim estimates that there were c35 Terns on the water at one time with more in the air.   It is not certain if they are all Arctic Terns but it does seem fairly likely that the majority were of this species.