Barn Owl  Tyto alba

Linford - February 2009

Photo copyright John Sheppard

Barn Owls were regularly seen at Linford during the winter months, along with Short-eared Owls.

Linford - October 2008

Photo copyright Mike Collard

Photographed at a regular Barn owl haunt at Linford, this individual has just caught some prey.

The Vale of Aylesbury - February 2008

An adult female Barn Owl.

Photo copyright Dave Short

An adult male Barn pictured in a natural nest site.

Please note that Dave Short has the necessary schedule 1 licences that allow him to photograph this species near or at the nest.

The Chilterns - 3rd March 2006

IMG_8278-450.jpg (22920 bytes)
Photo copyright Adrian Parker

During the winter months the Barn Owl can sometimes be seen hunting by day, usually early morning or late afternoon.  At others times it is normally seen as a ghostly image in car headlights.

Seer Green - 31st August 2000

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barnowl8a.JPG (52117 bytes)
Video stills courtesy of Dave Ferguson

The Barn Owl is a regular but scarce breeding bird in the county, although it may now be on the increase.  They are more often seen in the Vale of Aylesbury rather than in the Chilterns, as the bird pictured.  The origin of this ringed individual is not clear and does necessarily mean the bird is of captive origin.  A significant number of Barn Owls are ringed in the county each year as pullus.