Bean Goose Anser fabalis

Hillesden Pools - 14th-15th November 2008

Photo copyright Tim Watts

A family party of four Bean Geese (two adults and two juveniles) were found by Tim Watts.  They were associating with a large flock of Greylag Geese and rather wary.  At one point they were disturbed and seen to fly off but were present again the next day. 

These have been confirmed as being Tundra Bean Geese, the most form seen in the UK.

College Lake - 28th January 2006

IMG_7771_Bean_Geese500.jpg (9803 bytes)
Above Photo copyright Mike Collard (One bird missing!)

BeanGeeseCollegeLake280106redu-500.JPG (46621 bytes)

Bean GooseCLake280106aredu-400.JPG (25260 bytes)
Photos copyright Rob Andrews

A flock of 14 "Tundra" Bean Geese were initially seen near to Wilstone Reservoir (Herts) but they did venture in Bucks and spent some time at College Lake and in adjacent fields.

Newport Pagnall - 12th March 2005

BeanGoose120305c-400.JPG (31285 bytes)

BeanGoose120305b-400.JPG (29227 bytes)
Photos copyright Rob Andrews

This individual was present at the site between 10th-12th March.  It is of the sub-species "rossicus" (Tundra Bean Goose).

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