Black-necked Grebe   Podiceps nigricollis

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Willen Lake  -  3rd May 2009

Photos Copyright Mike Wallen

These stunning summer plumaged Black-necked Grebes were found by Rob Hill on the southern part of Willen Lake. They performed well and were seen down to 30 metres range allowing these exceptional photos to be obtained.  Not surprisingly these birds were not present the following day.

Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes  -  1st December 2008

Photo Copyright Mike Wallen

Photos Copyright Dick Bodily

This pair were found by local resident Simon Nichols who soon put the word out allowing other local birders to catch up with this rather elusive visitor to the county.   Apparently these two birds have visited Paxton pits (Cambs) and Priory County park (Beds) in recent days.  They were not present the following day.

Click here to see a graph of the occurrences of the species in the county.

Calvert Sailing Lake  -  21st April 2008

Photos Copyright Tim Watts

This individual was found on 20th and remained until the following day when Tim managed to get these photos.  Apparently with continual diving and moving around the bird was extremely difficult to digiscope.  These photos show what a stunning bird this is in breeding plumage.

Foxcote  -  25th September 2006

Photos Copyright Phil Tizzard

This individual was a one day visitor to the site.   Click here to see a graph of the occurrences of the species in the county.

Calvert BBOWT Lake -   22nd August 2005

BNGbbowt2-400.jpg (31982 bytes)
Photo Copyright Tim Watts

This bird emerged from the reeds close to the second hide.

Weston Turville Reservoir - 10th April 2004

BNGrebe_WestronT_10_04_04_BaMiller_v2X.jpg (13162 bytes)
Photo Copyright Ben Miller

A pair of Black-necked Grebes were found by Mike Wallen while on his way to work.  The rather overcast skies, resulting in rather poor light conditions for photographs.  However, the superb breeding plumage can still be seen in the photo above.

Little Marlow GP - 15th September 2002

3652-BNGrebeCIS.JPG (10893 bytes) 3655-BNGrebeCIS.JPG (13856 bytes)
Photo Copyright Jim Rose 

This species is an annual visitor to the county with September being one of the best times to find one.  Click here to see a graph of the occurrences of the species in the county.

Startopsend Reservoir - November 1998

bn_grebe2.jpg (14649 bytes)
Photo Copyright Mike Wallen

The adult above and a 1st winter bird were seen regularly during October and November and although they were usually in the Hertfordshire section, they did venture into Bucks on occasion.   

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