Brambling Fringilla montifringila

Beaconsfield -  29th October 2008

Photos copyright Dave Ferguson

The early signs are that the 2008/9 winter may be another good one for Bramblings with the above bird seen in a Beaconsfield garden.  Others have also been reported.

Stowe -  February 2008

Photos copyright Phil Tizzard

The 2007/8 winter seems to be good for Bramblings visiting gardens, particularly during the late winter.  The above two photographs show a very smart male, almost in breeding plumage and another male which is far less advanced in moult.  These are a welcome visitor to any garden.

Steps Hill - 15th November 2007

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This male was one of 60+ birds seen at Steps Hill on many days during November.  There seems to be a significant influx of the species into the county this winter.

Penn Wood - 6th April 2007

Photo copyright Gerry Studd

Small numbers of Bramblings were found by Kevin Holt late in 2006 but repeated visits established the best areas and the numbers increased as Spring arrived.  Exceptional numbers of Bramblings were reported roosting in Penn Wood during March and early April.   Over 100 were recorded on 6th March and number peaked on 3rd April at 900+. This is possibly the largest flock ever reported in the county.  Many birders visited the site to see the birds arrive an hour or so before dusk. 

Note:  Similar numbers of Bramblings were at this again during the 2007/8 winter

Calvert BBOWT Reserve - November 2005

brambling1-450.jpg (54658 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

This is one of two Bramblings that visited the new bird feeding station at Calvert BBOWT reserve and is a small reward for Tim Watts whose idea it was, and who maintains the feeders.

Flackwell Heath - 16th February 2002

0721-BramblingFe-Front.jpg (532299 bytes)

0888-BramblingMale-Feeder.jpg (176561 bytes)
Photo copyright Jim Rose

The above two birds were part of a small group of Bramblings that visited the garden between November 2001 and March 2002.  Usually only 1-2 birds present but up to 10 were seen during cold snaps.

Beaconsfield - Winter 1999/2000

brambling8.jpg (37862 bytes)

Beaconsfield - 23rd February 2000

brambling2.jpg (40998 bytes)

brambling1.jpg (41525 bytes)
Photos copyright Dave Ferguson.

Beaconsfield - Late December 1999


Bramblg2.jpg (13199 bytes)
Photo copyright Jim Rose

Flackwell Heath - 26th February 2000


Bram-mw2.jpg (54816 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Flackwell Heath - 3rd March 2000

Traditionally this species is considered to be a winter visitor to the Chiltern Beech woods.  However in recent years the numbers of birds visiting gardens (usually close to woods) has risen significantly.   They are particularly fond of small black Sunflower seeds sprinkled on the ground but will take the seeds from hopper type feeders. 

The Flackwell Heath pictures are all from the same garden following an influx into the county in late December 1999 and again in the winter of 2001/2002.   During the 2000/2001 winter the species was absent.

The bird in the hand is of a female that was caught in a mist net and ringed by Mike Collard.   Up to 25 Bramblings had been regularly attracted to the garden in Flackwell Heath by a regular supply of black Sunflower seed.  Three males were also ringed on the same day.

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