Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Calvert Lake - February 2008

Photos supplied by Tim Watts

This partial albino Bullfinch has been present in the Calvert Lake area since Christmas 2007.  It is always with other Bullfinches and is by all accounts a very smart bird, although photographing it was not easy.

Radnage - February 2003

bull_finch_pairX.jpg (36128 bytes)

bullfinchmaleX.jpg (31178 bytes)

bull_finch_female.jpg (22529 bytes)
Photos supplied by Gerry Whitlow

The Bullfinch is regarded as a common resident in the county but it is rather local local and elusive.  It is often best located by it's distinctive call.  The male Bullfinch is certainly one of the most stunning of British birds.  The female in the lower picture is presumably eating a bud, and it is this habit that has made it an undesirable visitor to fruit growers etc.

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