Caspian Gull Larus cacchinans

This species was previously regarded as a sub-species of Herring Gull.  In October 2007 the BOU recommended that Caspian Gull be treated as a separate species to Herring Gull (Larus Argentatus). 

Calvert  - 2nd November 2008

Photos copyright Tim Watts

A 1st Winter bird.

 Calvert Lake - December 2007

Photos copyright Tim Watts

Calvert lake has proven to be one of the premier sites in the county for recording Caspian Gulls.  Typically the birds are part of a large raft of roosting gulls that use the lake in the winter months.  The distance from the shore and the poor light conditions make photography difficult.

A adult bird shown in the top two photos and a 1st winter bird in the lower photo.  

Foxcote Reservoir - December 2006

Photo copyright Matt Slaymaker

Adult bird.

Bletchley Brick Pits - November 2006

Photos copyright Matt Slaymaker

A first winter bird.

Calvert Lake - October 2005

Photo copyright Tim Watts

A 1st  winter bird.  Note the small eye set fairly well forward on the head and longish bill.

Calvert Lake - November 2004

Photo copyright Tim Watts

A 2nd winter bird photographed prior to going to roost..

Foxcote Reservoir - 14th March 2004

Caspian Gull at Foxcote Res140304reduX.JPG (13077 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Rob Andrews

This 1st winter Gull   (largest gull in the centre) is widely thought to be a Caspian Gull.  While being reported more frequently in the county, it can be a difficult bird to identify and detailed field notes or photos are needed to gain acceptance. 

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