Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti

Calvert Lake  - February 2008

Photo copyright John Sheppard

The slow spread of this species in the county continues with this individual taking up residence in the very suitable habitat at Calvert BBOWT lake since September 2008.  It is only the second record of this species at this site.  To see the details of Cetti's warblers sightings in the county click here

Caldecotte Lake  - 12th April 2004

Cetti's Warbler Caldecotte 12_04_04x.jpg (33342 bytes)
Photo copyright Keith Mitchell

This individual was present at Caldecotte  from mid April at least and allowed many local birders to catch up with a species that has been slow to extend its range into Bucks.  This species is difficult to photograph as it favours thick cover and rarely stays in one place for more than a few seconds.  To see the details of Cetti's warblers in the county click here

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