Chiffchaff  Phylloscopus collybita

Little Marlow GP - 8th April 2008

Photo copyright Gerry Studd

This species is one of the earliest summer migrants to arrive in the county and they can often be heard singing on passage.  The blackish legs are one of the things to look for when separating from the very similar Willow Warbler.

Sheepridge, Flackwell Heath - July 2004

Img_3949-Chiff-450.jpg (40148 bytes)
Photo copyright Adrian Parker

Juvenile Chiffchaff - This species is a common breeding bird in Buckinghamshire.

Little Marlow Sewage Treatment Works - 199?

005 phylloscopus collybita and tristis.JPG (16767 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

The left hand bird is of the race "Tristis" which is also known as "Siberian Chiffchaff".    The right hand bird is of the race normally found in the British Isles, "Collybita".  They were both caught during a ringing session in the sewage treatment works at Little Marlow.


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