Common (Mealy) Redpoll Carduelis flammea

Speen - 1st-8th March 2009

Photos copyright Rob Andrews

Note the whitish rump with faint streaking.


Photos copyright Dave Ferguson



Photos copyright Mike Collard

A small party of Lesser Redpoll had been visiting Margaret Lewis's house for several weeks.  Recently a rather greyish individual with whiter markings had been present.  Margaret, who is a Bucks Bird Club member contacted Mike Collard and during a visit on Saturday 28th Feb saw a bird that showed characteristics of Common Redpoll.  The following day Mike and Rose Collard visited again and saw a different bird (see Mike's photos above) which was much more likely to be a Common Redpoll than the bird seen the day before.  Ben Miller arrived to confirm the identity.  A number of other birders visited the site and over several days and managed to obtain the uppermost photos.

If accepted this will be the fourth record of this species in the county, although note that this was previously "lumped" together with Lesser Redpoll.. 

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