Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus

Calvert BBOWT Lake - February 2009

Photos copyright John Sheppard

This species often starts displaying very early in the year.  This pair were performing their "dance" and offering vegetation for a nest.

Little Marlow GP - 12th July 2006

Photos copyright Julia Eyles

The lack of boats and areas of undisturbed banks and islands at Little Marlow provide good conditions for breeding. 


Calvert BBOWT Lake - 6th July 2006

GCGrebe1-450.jpg (41997 bytes)

GCGrebe2-450.jpg (41282 bytes)
Photos copyright Tim Watts

It is not uncommon for Grebes to carry their young on their back for protection.  Apparently there were four chicks. 

Marlow - 5th April 2006

Photos copyright Julia Eyles

Photographed near to Marlow Bridge, the fish is presumably a gift from the male to the female.

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