Great Northern Diver   Gavia immer

Caldecotte Lake - 16th-25th November 2011 (at least)

Photos copyright Ben Andrew

Photos copyright
Lucy Flower

Photos copyright Jason Chalk


This first winter Great Northern Diver was found by Cliff Dell mid afternoon and news was quickly put out allowing a few nearby birders to see the bird that day.  Fortunately the bird put in a prolonged stay and was still present on 25th November.  This allowed many birders to see and photograph the bird, sometimes at very close range. 

At times the bird was seen from a bridge that crosses the lake and the bird was observed swimming underwater.  It was also seen feeding on several fish, although many fish are apparently swallowed while still underwater.  It was also seen to catch more that one large fish which it did not eat, presumably due to size.

Calvert Sailing Lake - 14th November 2009

Photos copyright Tim Watts

Found by Warren Claydon mid-afternoon, there was just time for a few locals to see the bird before dark when these photos were taken.  It was also seen at dawn the next day but seen to fly off WNW at 07:40.


Calvert Sailing Lake - 28th November 2006

Photo copyright Tim Watts

This first winter Great Northern Diver was found by Tim Watts mid afternoon.  It was still present until at least 7:45 the following morning but was seen to fly off east.

Taplow Gravel Pit - December 1986

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Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This first winter Great Northern Diver was present from 12th December 1986 until 11th January 1987 and provided a rare treat for local birders.  At times it could be seen to submerge as a speed boat circled the lake.  It would gradually sink beneath the water and surface again quite some time later.

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