Golden Plover  Pluvialis apricaria

Hillesden - 11th April 2007

Photos copyright Tim Watts

These Golden Plover are approaching full breeding plumage.  They had been present at Hillesden for some days.

Broughton Grounds (Milton Keynes) - 16th April 2007

Photos copyright John Callaghan

In contrast to the other Golden Plover photographs on this page, these birds are in (or approaching) full breeding plumage, making them one of the most stunning of British breeding birds.

Little Marlow GP - 28th November 2006

Photos copyright Jim Rose

Golden Plover are not common visitors to Little Marlow Gravel Pit so when a flock of about 10 were seen on 25th is was certainly of interest.  Number built up over the next few days with up to 190 seen on 28th November.  They were regularly "spooked" as Red Kites drifted around the area, the Golden Plover being the last species to return.  They were present with a sizeable flock of 300-500 Lapwing.

The top view shows the mass gathering on the extensive sand spit with several Golden Plover about to land.

Marsh Gibbon - 21st October 2006

Photos copyright Tim Watts

The above photo is part of a flock of c300 Golden Plover that were found at Marsh Gibbon.  Sizeable flocks of this species can be seen in the county during the winters months, with flocks of several hundred birds not being unusual.  In the not too distant past flocks of several thousand birds could be seen at favoured locations.  The most productive sites for this species in north of the Chiltern Hills, in the Vale of Aylesbury.

Little Marlow GP - 16th November 2002

4020-GPlover-LapwingCIS.JPG (18049 bytes)

 4016-Dunlin-GPloverCIS.JPG (17971 bytes)

4015-GPlover-DunlinCIS.JPG (43232 bytes)

GoldenPloverLMGP161102CS.JPG (19939 bytes)
Photos copyright Jim Rose and Rob Andrews (lower picture)

The above pictures show a Golden Plover at Little Marlow GP with a rather unusual leg colour.  The colour was described as yellow by all of the observers present but they would normally be dark grey, sometimes tinged greenish.  The last picture perhaps best depicts the colour as seen through a telescope.  The underwing was whitish thereby confirming Eurasian Golden Plover.  

The Dunlin, also pictured, was happy to feed close to the Golden Plover but when it approached a Lapwing too closely it was pecked, ruffling it's feathers.


Richings Park, Nr Slough - 3rd November 2002

3967-GoldenPloverCIS.JPG (33169 bytes)

3972-GoldenPloverCIS.JPG (46582 bytes)
Photo courtesy of Jim Rose

This mixed flock of about 300 Golden Plover and a similar number of Lapwing (plus Starlings, Stock Doves, Crows, Magpies and a mixed bag of Gulls), were in a field at TQ025795.  It is best viewed from the Slough to Thorney.  The very western end of the large field in in Berks but happily the birds preferred the middle of the field which is part of Bucks.  This species is difficult to get close to, so if anyone has a close up taken in Bucks, please let me know.

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