Grey heron Ardea cinerea

Broughton Trout Pools 1st March 2007

Photo Copyright Mike Wallen

The above excellent photograph was taken at Broughton Trout Pools.  The light really does show this adult off very well, including the pinkish colouration along the bill that shows it is in breeding plumage.  The bird is no doubt from nearby Wilstone Reservoir where there is a Heronry.

Bourne End  -  26th October 2004

Img_7252A-400.jpg (18948 bytes)

This Grey Heron was only a couple of miles from the Heronry at Little Marlow.  Despite the local gravel pits and the river being nearby they still like to visit garden ponds.

High Wycombe  -  19th August 2004

926pE heron-400.jpg (52874 bytes)
Photo Copyright Stan Armstrong

Taken through double glazing at Stan's house in High Wycombe.  No doubt after the fish in his pond.

Hedgerley  -  26th March 2000

Darkheron.jpg (28546 bytes)

While not the best quality picture on the website, the picture shows an unusual very dark Grey Heron, which may well have been the individual reported at a possible Purple Heron earlier in the month at the same site.

Video still kindly supplied by Dave Ferguson

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