Grasshopper Warbler  Locustella naevia

Steps Hill - 20th/23rd April 2009

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

This "reeling" male was found at the migration hot spot of Steps Hill.  In the top photo the bird is carrying out it's distinctive "reeling" song and at the same time vibrating it's tail and wing tips, causing slight blurring in the photograph.

Wendover Woods - May 2006

IMG_9479-400.jpg (28960 bytes)

IMG_9509-350.jpg (33234 bytes)
Photos copyright Adrian Parker

This "reeling" male was at the same site as on 2004 (see below).  These fine photographs show all the plumage details of this usually difficult to see species.

Wendover Woods - April 2004

Gropper at Wendover Woods250404redux.JPG (23976 bytes)
Photo copyright Rob Andrews

Gropper_Wendover_250404_2x.jpg (19910 bytes)
Photo copyright Ben Miller

The same site attracted three singing males this year.  The above two pictures are of the same bird and photographed at about the same time.  The difference in colour is presumably due to the camera and settings?   Clearly this site provides ideal habitat for this species.

Wendover Woods - April 1999

grasshopper warbler1.JPG (13065 bytes)
Video still courtesy of Dave Ferguson

grasshopper warbler2.JPG (13065 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This species was regularly heard "reeling" in a clear felled area from 24th April when the top picture was taken.  Up to three individuals were heard reeling later in April and in May.  At least one bird carried on reeling into early July.  As is typical of this skulking species, it is not known if they bred successfully.

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