Hobby Falco subbuteo

Willen Lake -  May 2013

Photos copyright Jason Chalky

There are many other excellent photos of Hobbys in the Birders Photo Gallery



College Lake - 18th September 2007

Photos copyright Martin Ansley

This individual was photographed at College Lake, the high banks providing a looking down shot on a Hobby in flight.  This is a juvenile bird with obvious white fringes on the upperparts and no red around the vent area.  It will soon be heading to it's wintering grounds in Africa.

Calvert area - Early June 2006

hobby1-350.jpg (61315 bytes)

hobbyback-450.jpg (64222 bytes)
Photos copyright Tim Watts

This individual was photographed by Tim in the Calvert area.  Both photos are of the same bird.  The brown upperparts are thought to be a transitional plumage of a second year bird retaining juvenile upper wings and tail feathers.

Jubilee River, Taplow - 12th May 2005

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IMG_2460-450.jpg (15315 bytes)
Photos copyright Adrian Parker

Adrian photographed this bird as it gave a fantastic display over the Jubilee River and adjacent fields.

Radnage - 7th May 2005

hobby1-450.jpg (17776 bytes)

hobby2-450.jpg (14144 bytes)
Photos copyright Gerry Whitlow

Photographed by Gerry as he was out photographing Red Kites. 

Rowsham, Nr Aylesbury - July 2004

Hobby2-500.jpg (12600 bytes)

Hobby3Copy-500.jpg (13537 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Hobby's are summer visitors to the UK and breed throughout the county but are remarkably elusive.  They are most commonly seen in Spring when they arrive and migrant birds are most often seen over the larger lakes.  Late summer is also a good time, when Dragonflies are on the wing and young Hobbys are flying.

These remarkable Hobby photos were photographed from Mike's garden!


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