Kestrel Falco tinnunculus

Ivinghoe Beacon  - 16th April 2008

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

An adult female hovering.

Rowsham - November 2007

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Wingrave - 2nd January 2005

KestrelWingrave2Copy-450.jpg (10868 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Wallen

An adult male hunting.

West Wycombe and Radnage - 2003

kestrelflyingX.jpg (17541 bytes)

kestrelperchedX.jpg (34598 bytes)

kestralX.jpg (35124 bytes)
Photos copyright Gerry Whitlow

The Kestrel is perhaps the most familiar bird of prey to many people in Buckinghamshire and is frequently seen hovering over grassy road verges.  Photographs of Kestrels hovering are not uncommon but to get a picture while the bird is in full flight is some achievement.  The top picture was actually taken from a window of a moving car with the bird conveniently flying alongside. 

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