Kingfisher Alcedo atthis

Calvert - 16th January 2007

Photo copyright Tim Watts

Photographed on the BBOWT Lake where two birds were seen chasing each other.  The above was seen to catch fish several times with most attempts being successful. 

College Lake - 7th May 2005

DSCN0247KingfisherCollegeLake-400.jpg (37935 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

Kingfishers are regularly seen at College Lake but may be elusive.

Calvert - November 2004

DSCN3917-400.jpg (37472 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

Kingfishers can be seen at many rivers and lakes throughout the county, although they can be elusive.  They are usually seen flying low over the water in torpedo like fashion, or perched in a bush or tree that overhangs the water.

Little Marlow GP - 1st September 2002

3435-KingfisherCS.JPG (46971 bytes)  3445-KingfisherCS.JPG (45315 bytes) 3454-KingfisherCS.JPG (38633 bytes)

The above pictures were taken in the late evening sun.  There were 3-4 kingfisher present.  The top pictures are of an adult and the lower of a juvenile.

Little Marlow GP - 7th March 2002

0993-KingfisherHR.jpg (30575 bytes)
Photos copyright Jim Rose

These birds were at Little Marlow GP on 7th March 2002.  The pictures were taken at over 100 yards range with a Nikon Coolpix camera and Optolyth telescope.  Magnification 160x.  While not sharp, this image shows the stunning colours of the birds as well as demonstrating the long range capabilities of digiscoping.  

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