Lapland Bunting Calcarius lapponicus

Lodge Hill Farm, Bledlow Ridge - 17-21st October 2010

Photos copyright Ashley Stow


Photo copyright Dave Parmenter


Photos copyright Dave Ferguson


Photos copyright Rob Andrews


Photos copyright
Tim Watts


Photos copyright
Mike Wallen


Photo copyright Dave Cleal

The above photo was a pretty typical view of this bird as it crept around between and under the stubble! 


This first winter female was found by local birder Warren Claydon late afternoon on the 17th October.  It was just possible for a couple of birders to get there and see the bird before dark, this being possible because the bird chose to stay and feed very close to a path on the edge of a huge stubble field, and Warren stayed on to point the bird out to other birders.

The following morning several birders were present and relocated the bird in the same location.  Amazingly the bird allowed an extremely close approach and the bird was at six feet range for one or two lucky observers. 

The bird was present for five days and spent much of it's time in a small part of a huge stubble field.  This area was probably no larger than about 30 metres by 10 metres!  However it did fly into the middle of the field on one or two occasions.  Even with the bird at 10-15 feet away it was extremely difficult to see as it moved very slowly between the weeds and stubble and did not usually fly.  The best way to locate the bird was by scanning the nearby stubble with binoculars.  This was a welcome county tick for quite a few local birders and a lifer for others.


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