Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  Dendrocopo minor

Little Marlow Gravel Pit - 2005

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Photo copyright Brian

This species is regularly seen in the Little Marlow area but always hard to find.  This photo of a male bird was taken within 100 metres of the photo below.

Little Marlow Gravel Pit - 22nd December 2002

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Photo copyright Jim Rose

This species is not only scarce in the county but also hard to find as it often feeds fairly high up in trees.   The best chances of locating one is either during the Spring when the adults are more vocal, or as with the above bird, when there are no leaves on the trees.  This female is one of a pair of Lesser Spots found close to the waters edge in low Willows.   The female flew into taller trees where these pictures were obtained.   Unfortunately with so many other trees around the bird it was not possible to get an unobstructed picture. 

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