Little Egret  Egretta garzetta

Calvert Lake - August 2008

Above photos copyright Kevin Holt

Above photos copyright Tim Watts

Present from 19th August until 31st August at least.  This colour ringed bird was ringed at Gwent Levels, South Wales on 23rd June 2008.  This is the first recorded sigting of this bird.  The second photo up shows the bird in an defensive posture when it was being mobbed by Black-headed Gulls.

Little Marlow GP - 2nd August 2005

LITTLE_EGRET_LMGP1_400.jpg (50661 bytes)

LITTLE_EGRET_LMGP3_400.jpg (49653 bytes)
Photos copyright Chris Gooddie

During July and August Little Marlow has become a regular roost site for Little Egrets with up to eight being seen some evenings, some arriving in semi-darkness.  The birds roost on an island which also is a roost site for Cormorants, Grey Herons, hundreds of Jackdaws and other species.

Calvert Lake - 22nd July 2005

egret_2_400.jpg (34640 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

The summer of 2005 has seen a definite increase in reports of this species from within the county.

Calvert Lake - 9th October 2004

egret-400.jpg (14315 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

This species is now being seen on a monthly basis from sites across the county.

Willen Lake - 9th July 2004

egrets-mike-400.jpg (38390 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This picture shows 3 of the 5 Little Egrets that were present.  It is thought that these birds were this years brood from nearby Linford.

Chenies - 1st Jan 2004

LITTLE EGRET; 1 JAN 2004 068; sizeX.jpg (43180 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

This bird was one of several at the regular roost at Chenies (See pictures from 2002 below).  There were a total of 14 Little Egrets along the River Chess between Chesham and Chenies.  This species can now be regarded as "resident" in the county.

Linford - 2003

Little Egret - 4 juveniles roosting.jpg (39286 bytes)

Little Egret - 4 juveniles.jpg (39238 bytes)
Pictures courtesy of Graham Rowling

These pictures, taken in late June, show the first confirmed breeding of Little Egrets in Buckinghamshire and presumably one of the first inland breeding attempts for this species in the UK. 

The first Little Egret sighting in the county was as recently as 1989.  Sightings gradually increased during the 1990s and into the 2000s, resulting in this successful breeding attempt. 

Chenies - 10th March 2002

EGRETS1JPG.JPG (48440 bytes)
Video still courtesy of Mike Collard

Chenies - 3rd March 2002

7_l_egret_at_chenies_2.jpg (12910 bytes)
Picture courtesy of Rob Andrews

These seven birds were at Chenies on 3rd March 2002 and represented a record count for Buckinghamshire at the time.   A day or so later another bird arrived increasing the count to eight. 

Digital Photo supplied by Rob Andrews

Little Marlow GP - 2nd September 2001

little egret6a.jpg (14051 bytes)

Video still courtesy of Dave Ferguson

After an exceptional run of Little Egret sightings at Little Marlow, this individual decided to hang around for a few days and gave closer views than the bird on 26th August.   It had no difficulty catching fish as it ran through the shallows, stirring up fry and picking them off one by one. 

Little Marlow GP - 26th Aug 2001

little egret2.JPG (29738 bytes)
Video still courtesy of Dave Ferguson

This individual was one of two birds present at Little Marlow GP on 26th August 2001.  The birds had apparently flown in overnight and were seen roosting in trees on the main island and actively feeding. (The goose in the background is a Bar-headed Goose)

College Lake - 5th Aug 2001

LittleEgret4.JPG (23610 bytes)
Picture courtesy of Rob Andrews

This individual was captured on digital camera at College Lake.  It was one of an unprecedented influx into the county and follows the steady annual increase of sightings of this species in the county.   During the same week there were sightings at Little Marlow (3), Shardeloes, Broughton and Willen Lake.

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