Little Ringed Plover  Charadrius dubius

Mid Bucks - 29th March 2008

Photo copyright Tim Watts

A newly arrived pair at a breeding site in Mid Bucks.

Little Marlow GP - 28th May 2005

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Photos copyright Adrian Parker

Little Ringed Plovers breed at several sites in the county, usually preferring man-made lakes where there is exposed gravel or stones to make a nest.  The above photos were taken on the sand spit at Little Marlow Gravel Pit, which is a good place to see the species in Spring and early summer.

Little Marlow GP - 26th May 2002

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Photo copyright Jim Rose

The male was clearly looking "frisky" so I thought a few shots of him displaying to the female might be interesting.  However within about a minute the displaying ended and copulation began.  About 20 yards away a pair of Common Terns were also copulating.  It was clearly the right time of year!

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