Long-tailed Duck  Clangula hyemalis

Calvert Sailing Lake - 4th to 7th June 2009

Photos copyright Tim Watts

Calvert once again attracts this scarce Bucks visitor, this time a drake.  The bird stayed for several days and attracted quite a few admirers.

Calvert Lake - 16th November to 15th April 2006

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Photos copyright Tim Watts

This Long Tailed Duck (thought to be an adult female) was found on Calvert sailing lake late afternoon by Calvert regular Tim Watts.  First spotted in nearside bay to right of jetty and right of clubhouse.    The bird fed ton the lake until dark on 16th. Dives timed from 26-50 secs down and 2 secs up therefore making getting these photos rather tricky!

After a gap in records in late November into December, what is assumed to be the same bird was seen on the BBOWT lake at Calvert.  This species is known to occasionally stay on inland lakes for long periods, so the fact that this bird stayed until mid-April was not too surprising.

Weston Turville Reservoir - December 1990

The two Long-tailed Ducks pictured below were considered to be an immature male and a female.  They stayed from 16th December 1990 to 13th January 1991 and were enjoyed by many birders.    

L-T-Ducks WTR2X.jpg (59064 bytes)

Startopsend Reservoir - November 1988

The individual below stayed from 23rd October 1988 to 4th June 1989 was often seen in the Bucks section.  This was the first record of this species in the county since 1983.

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Photos copyright Mike Wallen

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