Marsh tit  Parus palustris

Steps Hill - 21st October 2007

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Steps Hill is another regular site for this species.

Prestwood - May 2007

Photo copyright Mike Collard

Mike is fortunate to get Marsh Tits visit his garden where this photograph was taken.

Stockgrove Park - 27th February 2006

marshtit-350.JPG (36631 bytes)
Photo copyright Roger Kerslake

Roger managed to photograph this bird right on the Bucks/Beds border in Stockgrove Park.  The bird is carrying what is presumably a BTO ring and a white ring.  Does anyone know of any ringing schemes of this species in the area?   The photo clearly shows the glossy cap and the small black bib, which are ID features when trying to separate from Willow Tit.

Coombe Hill - 13th April 2002

Marsh Tit.JPG (24081 bytes)
Photo copyright Rob Andrews

Coombe Hill has been a regular site for this species over the years.  A difficult species to photograph as they never stay still long enough! 

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