Osprey Pandion haliaetus

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Chenies  -  23rd April 2009

Photos copyright Mike Collard


Photos copyright Dave Bilcock

This individual was only present for one day at Chenies, a stones throw from Latimer Lake where an Osprey was seen a month month earlier.  The top photo shows the long legs which help this species to catch fish.

Latimer Lake  -  28th March 2009

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

This individual took up temporary residence at Latimer Lake from approximately 25th March and was last seen early morning on 29th March, when it was seen to fly east up the valley.  A number of local birders managed to catch up with this local rarity.   Click here to see a Chart of Bucks Sightings

Weston Turville Reservoir  -  5th May 2007

Digital photos copyright Ginger Robertson

The fishermen at Weston Turville Reservoir were treated to an Osprey fishing exhibition in the early hours of the morning.  The bird circled the lake and made several attempts to catch fish over a half hour period.  Mike Collard and Jim Rose arrived just in time to get a glimpse of the bird before it flew off.  Later in the morning an Osprey was seen at Wilstone Reservoir, a short distance away.

Little Marlow  -  27th April 2002

1844-OspreyCP.JPG (39530 bytes)

1845-OspreyCP.JPG (9266 bytes)
Digital photos copyright Jim Rose

This individual was seen flying west along the Thames wandering into both Berks and Bucks mid morning on 27th April.   For anyone into digital photography, this was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 with an Eagleye 5x adaptor and hand held (You can tell!).


Little Marlow Gravel Pit  -  16th April 2000

osprey2.JPG (36635 bytes)

osprey3.JPG (28707 bytes)
Video stills copyright Dave Ferguson

This individual was spotted by Dave Ferguson as it flew high over the lake, hovering from time to time.   After a few minutes it flew west over the sewage treatment works (possibly due to the attentions from the Crow).  It was then harassed by a Kestrel over the Westhorpe Park lake and drifted further west towards the gravel pit at Marlow but did not linger and apparently moved off west further up the Thames. 

The Osprey is seen most years in the county with the majority of records from April and early May.

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