Red-footed Falcon Falco vespertinus

Jubilee River - 21st-22nd May 2012


Above photos copyright Jim Rose

This 1st summer male was found late afternoon and reported as a "possible".  Several birders were on site soon after and at about 19:45 Jim Rose located the perched in the top of an Oak tree on the far bank of the Jubilee River.  It soon started to fly around  and was hawking insects for about 10 minutes. It then returned to the same perch in the Oak tree. By the time it was dark at least 12 birders had managed to see the bird. The bird was seen to fly just before dusk and it was thought that it might have gone.  But no, it was still present the next day.  See below. 

Above photos copyright Wally Smith (LHS) and John Foster (RHS)

The rather determined Lapwing is presumably one of the adults with fledged young on the island next to where the bird was seen.

Above two photos copyright John Foster

Above three photos copyright Dave Parmenter


Simon Nicols and Rob Hill located the bird very early the following morning and again the news was put out, allowing many local birders to catch up with this Bucks mega rarity.  It is only the forth record of the species in the county.after one in Milton Keynes in July 1983, one at Richings Park on 31st May 2008 and one that ventured into Bucks at Wilstone Reservoir (Herts) in May 2010.  

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