Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Steps Hill - 2nd-3rd September 2008

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

This cracking male Redstart was still looking good when it stopped off by the "S" bends at Steps Hill.  Good numbers of this species have been seen this Autumn.

Steps Hill - 19th April 2008

Photos copyright Tim Watts

This is the first Spring photo of this species on this page, and the first female.  This excellent photo was taken by Tim Watts on a gloomy day at this migrant hot-spot.

Steps Hill - 29th August 2007

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

This photo of a first summer male was taken near the top of Incombe Hole. On this day there were minimum of 5 possibly 7 present

As stated below, the return passage in 2007 has been very good for this species.  It would be nice to think that they might breed again in the county before to long.

Steps Hill - 16th August 2007

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Mike spent several hours on Steps Hill in order to get the above photos.  The bird allowed Mike to within 10 metres when it was apparently sun bathing (lower photo) with it's body flattened to the ground.  The experience was described by Mike as an amazing experience.  It is thought that this individual had been present at this site for approximately two weeks.

Good numbers of Redstarts have also been reported from another good Bucks migration site; Quainton Hills, with regular sightings in July and August.

Steps Hill - 16th August 2006

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Steps Hill remains one of the top sites for this species, August clearly being a good month for returning birds.

Calvert - 26-29th August 2005

redstartfront-350.jpg (48062 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

This is one of two Redstarts that frequented the lake for several days.  They were very wary and mobile and it took four days for Tim to get a few photos.

Incombe Hole, Steps Hill - August 2005

R2-350.jpg (33779 bytes)

R1-400.jpg (34528 bytes)
Photos copyright Dave Bilcock

This male Redstart was present in Incombe hole for at least two weeks during mid-August.  A female was also present.

Incombe Hole, Steps Hill - 7th September 2003

Redstartx.jpg (45343 bytes)
Photo copyright Dave Bilcock

This picture of a male was taken from Steps Hill looking down into Incombe Hole, a favourite site for migrant birds. 

Until the mid-1990s Redstarts used to breed in regularly in Buckinghamshire albeit in very small numbers at a few suitable sites.  In recent years the species appears to have been lost as a breeding species and the only sightings are of passage birds, Steps Hill perhaps being the most regular site.

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