Redwing  Turdus iliacus

Rowsham - 7th February 2009

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Redwings will readily come into gardens, sometimes in good numbers, especially during harsh weather.  The snowy spell in February was certainly harsh!

Little Marlow GP - December 2004

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IMG_8708-450.jpg (40599 bytes)
Photos copyright Adrian Parker


Whitchurch - 27th February 2000

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Photos copyright Tim Watts

This species is a common winter visitor to the county but a melanistic bird is certainly very scarce.  The bird was with a small flock of mixed thrushes including other Redwings, Fieldfares and Mistle Thrushes and when first found was a bit of an identification problem!
The main identification features were; Breast was blackish with black streaks;   Faint eyestripe mainly behind the eye; An obvious pale throat; Tertials edged with cream forming an obvious panel.  It's behaviour was similar to the other Redwings but it did tend to stay on the edge of the main flock.

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