Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus

Little Marlow GP - 5th April 2006

Photo copyright Julia Eyles

This Reed Warbler is one of the growing population at Little Marlow GP.  This has been greatly helped by the planting of "Phragmites" reeds some years ago and which are now well established.

Foxcote Reservoir - 8th May 2003

Reedwarb-cs.jpg (35189 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Reed Warblers are a fairly common breeding species throughout  Bucks but are restricted to reedbeds.  Hence they are found typically at lakes and rivers where suitable reedbeds have been allowed to develop and are relatively undisturbed.  They show a marked preference for "Phragmites" reeds which better suits their nest and may be encouraged to colonise an area by providing this species of reed.   

The first individuals are usually seen in the first half of April, but the bulk arrive after this.  Most years produce at least one October record.  


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