Sedge Warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenus

Calvert sailing Lake Reservoir  - 14th April 2008

Photos copyright Tim Watts

This is a fairly typical view of this species.  Singing within a bush and partially obscured.  One of the earlier Warblers to arrive in Spring.  Note the metal ring on the left leg of this bird.  It is likely that this is an individual that was ringed at this site in 2007.

Foxcote Reservoir  - 9th September 2006

Photos copyright Neill Smith

Willen Lake  - 18th May 2004

DSCN8426 Sedge WarblerWillenx.jpg (20719 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Collard

This species is a summer visitor to the county and breeds in alongside marshes, rivers and lakes where there is suitable areas of reeds and bushes.  It is fairly widely seen on spring migration but does not stay and breed and many seemingly suitable nest sites. 

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