Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia

Linford - 17th May 2007


Above Photos copyright Ben Miller

Above three Photos copyright Mike Collard

These three Spoonbills had been touring Southern England on during the previous week had been seen near Reading (Berkshire) and the Dorney area (Berks and Bucks)On the morning of 17th Simon Nichols decided to visit Linford early, with the possibility of the wandering Spoonbills in the back of his mind.  His visit turned up trumps when three white shapes were seen resting on the bund!  After a few hectic phone calls birders from Milton Keynes and beyond were mobilised and quite a few managed to see the birds before they flew off north about 11am.

Two of the birds are 1st summer birds and the other a 2nd summer.

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