Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata

Skirmett - 10th September 2008

Photos copyright Ashley Stow

These photos were the first record of this species in Ashley's garden.  In fact four birds were present during the afternoon, but not since.

 Hillesden - 4th July 2008

Photos copyright Tim Watts

Spotted Flycatchers have become quite a scarce bird in the county.  These photos were taken in Hillesden Churchyard.  The upper photo is of an adult and the lower of a juvenile bird.  The very long wings are clearly seen in this photo, these enabling the bird to migrate to Africa for the winter.

Wendover - 1st July 2005

DSCN0011SpottedFlytcatcher2_400.jpg (38030 bytes)

DSCN0003_SpottedFlycatcher400.jpg (18231 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Collard

Spotted Flycatchers have declined in the county over the years but small numbers do breed throughout the county.  Birds often return to favoured nest sites, gardens and parks often being used.  The above bird was found in a churchyard, which is another fairly typical nest site.


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