Spotted Crake  Porzana pozana

Dorney Common - 14th October 2000

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This juvenile bird was first found on 8th October by Chris Heard.  The bird was feeding in insects in a fairly fast flowing stream on the edge of Dorney Common and close to the house at Eton Wick.  The stream represent the boundary between Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.  The Crake had no difficulty in finding plenty of insects to eat and at the same time gave remarkably close views to many observers.  The bird stayed until 15th October at least.  There are only five previous records in Buckinghamshire for this species.

Top photo courtesey of Mike Wallen, second from Mervyn Wallen.  Two Video stills courtesy of Dave Ferguson and one from Mike Collard. 

Willen Lake - 19th August 1995

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In a year when 60 Spotted Crakes were recorded in the UK, two were found in the county - both at Willen. This was the first bird to be found and was present between 19th and 23rd August 1995.

Video still kindly supplied by Dave Ferguson

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