Tree Sparrow Passer montanus

Nr Haddenham - February 2008

Photos copyright Dave Short

These birds are part of a group of about 20 Tree Sparrows at a farm in the Haddenham area.  The decline in this species appears to be continuing.

Granborough - January 2001

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Photos copyright Mike Wallen

The birds pictured above were part of a flock estimated to number up to sixty birds that were feeding at a grain store near Granborough (between Aylesbury and Buckingham) between January and March 2001.  Three birds were initially found by Tim Watts on 13th January but this soon increased to c60 by 18th.  Also present were many Yellowhammers and other Finches.

This is a fantastic find since this species has declined dramatically over the last 10-20 years and is becoming very rare as a breeding bird.  Sites in the south of the county have apparently been deserted leaving the Vale of Aylesbury as the last stronghold for this species in the county.  


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