Turnstone  Arenaria interpres

College Lake - 4th-5th May 2007 (at least)

Photos copyright Dave Bilcock

The extensive shingle on the islands at College Lake clearly provide attractive habitat for this species, even if for just a few days on passage.  The breeding Common Terns on one of the islands can be seen in the foreground.

This record is very much on time as can be seen from the photos below and the chart of records in the county.  To view the graph of occurrences of Turnstones in the county click here.

Willen Lake - 7th May 2004

Turnstone_Willen_07_05_04_BAMX.jpg (16576 bytes)
Photos copyright Ben Miller

This Turnstone stayed on the south basin of Willen Lake for a few hours, resting on the floating pontoons.   Presumably lack of food would have forced it to leave so soon.

Pitstone Lake - 2nd May 2004

TuPitx.jpg (26137 bytes)
Photo copyright Dave Bilcock

DSCN7979 Turnstonex.jpg (26697 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Collard

This Turnstone was found at the old chalk quarry at Pitstone and was seen wandering either side of the county boundary, which cuts through the middle of the lake.

To view the graph of occurrences of Turnstones in the county click here.

College Lake - 18th April 2003

Turnstone-College1x.jpg (35526 bytes)

Turnstone-College2x.jpg (37179 bytes)

Turnstone-College3x.jpg (23358 bytes)
Photos copyright Dave Bilcock

The Turnstone is an uncommon passage migrant to the county, with the majority of records occurring in the Spring.   This individual was found late afternoon by Paul Reed. 



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