Water Pipit Anthus spinoletta

Little Marlow - 3rd April 2004

12534-WaterPipit-350.JPG (21518 bytes)

12542-WaterPipit-350.JPG (19312 bytes)
Photos copyright Jim Rose

This summer plumaged Water Pipit graced the sand spit at Little Marlow GP for a few days and allowed many local birders to see it, albeit often rather distantly.  While only records shots, the above pictures do show some of the main ID features including the the pinkish breast and whitish supercillium.  Note: The greyish object at the top of the pictures is a large metal pipe used for carrying the waste silt, of which the sand spit is made up of.

Little Marlow - 17th March 2002

1147-WaterPipit.JPG (14286 bytes)

1156-WaterPipitWeb.JPG (107183 bytes)
Photos copyright Jim Rose

This bird was seen late afternoon before going to roost.  It perched in a high prominent position for some minutes allowing these photos to be taken.  It had a BTO type ring on it's right leg and is thought to be one of the three Water Pipits ringed in the sewage treatment works at Little Marlow in November/December 1995.  The poor light conditions made photography difficult and the resulting pictures are rather dull.

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