Water Rail  Rallus aquaticus

Calvert Lake - February 2009

A stunning photo of an often hard to see bird.  This species is now regularly seen at Calvert BBOWT lake.

Photos copyright John Sheppard

Rarely seen away from cover and even more rarely seen in flight.  An excellent opportunistic photo.

Broughton Trout Pools, Nr Aylesbury -   1st March 2007

Picture copyright of Mike Wallen

This species normally keeps well hidden but this individual came into the open long enough for Mike to get these very nice photos.

Weston Turville Reservoir -   15th December 2001


Water_Rail-S.JPG (19793 bytes)
Picture copyright Rob Andrews

Weston Turville is one of the top sites in the county for Water Rail and the species can be heard, and hopefully seen, at any time of the year.  This photograph was taken from the Susan Cowdy hide just before dusk, when presumably the fading light persuaded this individual to venture out from the reeds. 

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