Wheatear  Oenanthe oenanthe

Calvert Landfill - 27th April 2008

Photos copyright Tim watts

These Wheatears were at Calvert Landfill site along with others.  As can be seen from the photos below, this species can be found at many sites in the county at peak migration times.


Quainton Hills - 29th July 2007

Photo copyright Tim watts

This very young Wheatear was photographed on the hills at Quainton.  The question of whether this is proof of local breeding was raised.  It does seem possible that the species did breed at this rather ideal site, but opinions are somewhat divided. 

Quainton Hills - 24th April 2007

Photo copyright Tim watts

Wheatears were seen in smaller numbers during Spring migration but these birds were at the migration hot spot on Quainton Hills during April.

Ivinghoe Beacon/Steps Hill - 11th September 2006

Photos copyright Mike Wallen


Quainton Hills - 12th April 2006

wheatear-Q2-400.jpg (22368 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

Quainton Hills produced excellent numbers of Wheatears with up to a maximum of 20 being seen. 

Rowsham, Nr Aylesbury - Early May 2005

GreenlanderRowsham2Copy-400.jpg (33332 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Another individual of the Greenland race.  Rowsham is proving a regular stop off point for Wheatears and other Spring migrants.

Rowsham, Nr Aylesbury - 24th April 2005

GreenlanderRowsham2-400.jpg (29307 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

This very brightly coloured individual is of the Greenland race.  Small numbers of this race are seen in the county every year as they head much further north. 

Ivinghoe Beacon - 24th April 2005

IMG_0628 Greenland Wheatear-400.jpg (19609 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

Two more Greenland Wheatears seen on the same day as the Rowsham bird above.

The Argos site, Central Milton Keynes - 3rd May 2004

DSCN8092 Wheatear Argos CMK; 3rd May 2004x.jpg (14920 bytes)

DSCN8100 Wheatear Argos CMK 3rd May 2004x.jpg (21098 bytes)

DSCN8083 Wheatear Argos CMK 3rd May 2004x.jpg (13928 bytes)

DSCN8044 Wheateat Argus CMK3rd May 2004x.jpg (14076 bytes)
Photos copyright Mike Collard

These Wheatears were present in the area around the Argos store in central Milton Keynes. 

Ivinghoe Beacon - 22nd April 2004

Wheatear Ivinghoe Beacon2004x.jpg (14070 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

This female Wheatear was one of several seen in the Ivinghoe Beacon area during April 2004. 

Calvert Area  -  Spring and Autumn 1999

Wheater1.jpg (17549 bytes)     Wheate2.jpg (19537 bytes)

Wheate3.jpg (26351 bytes)     Wheate4.jpg (21812 bytes)
Photos courtesy of Tim Watts

This species is a regular passage migrant in the county and small parties can be seen at traditional migration sites in both spring and autumn.  The Wheatear used to breed in the county but the last record of this was in 1954. 

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