Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus

Rowsham  - 24th April 2009

Photo copyright Mike Wallen

Rather unusually two Whimbrels were found feeding on grassland, rather than stopping off or flying over a lake.  Mike Wallen and Mike Collard managed to view the birds down to 30 metres range and obtain these superb photos As is usual for this species they did not hang around and had departed by the following morning.

To view graphs of Whimbrel records in the county  click here.

Linford  - 10th May 2004

Whimbrel 10-05-2004x.jpg (23507 bytes)

This is one of two Whimbrels that had been present at the site on the 10th May. 
To view graphs of Whimbrel records in the county  click here.

Little Marlow GP - 1st May 2004

12619-Whimbrel-400.JPG (16120 bytes)
Photo copyright Jim Rose

This photo was taken just after 8:00pm in very poor light.  The bird had only just arrived and was gone the following morning. 

Calvert BBONT Lake - 6th May 1998

Whimbrls.jpg (31612 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim Watts

As is typical with this passage species, the two birds pictured above were only seen on one day.  The Whimbrel is an annual migrant in small numbers, peaking in late April early May, with a smaller return passage from the middle of July into August.


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