Whinchat  Saxicola rubetra

Broughton Trout Pools - 24th September 2004

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Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Broughton Trout Pools is a regular stopping off point for Whinchats during migration.

Jubilee River, Taplow - 30th Nov/31st Dec 2002

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Photos copyright Jerry O'Brian (top two) and Jim Rose (lower two)

Two Whinchats were   present in the area surrounding the Jubilee River car park in Marsh Lane, Taplow.  The recently planted shrubs and newly erected fences offer plenty of suitable perching places and the areas of dying herbage give areas to feed in.  These birds are the latest ever seen in the county and one at least had been present since the 23rd November.  Remarkably two Whinchats were seen there on 3rd December and remained until the 31st December 2002 at least!  The latest previously recorded was on 11th November (1993) and the average latest date in the county is 6th October.


Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes - 13th September 2002

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Photos copyright Simon Nichols

Whinchats are regularly seen in the county on Spring and Autumn migration, although they used to a rare Bucks breeder.   Typical passage dates are between the last week in April and the middle of May, with the returning birds spread over a much longer period of time, typically between the first week in August and the first week of October.

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