Woodchat Shrike Lanious senator

Langley Park - 1st-3rd May 2003

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Above two pictures coutesy of Andrew Moon

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Above two pictures coutesy of Jerry O'Brian

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6144-Woodchat-CS.JPG (34930 bytes)

The above picture shows the Shrike with a Bee in it's bill.
Above two pictures supplied by Jim Rose

Woodchat for Web2.jpg (21448 bytes)
Above two pictures coutesy of Ben Miller

This superb male was found on the southern part of Langley Park by Robin Dryden (at 13:50), who was walking in the park on his lunch break from work.  It was observed by a steady stream of birders during the afternoon and evening of 1st May and was reported as singing on the following day.   This is a major rarity in the county. 

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