Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus

Bow Brickhill - 4-9th April 2004

14 Feb 141 YB Warbler 2.jpg (43653 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Collard

yellow browX.jpg (32460 bytes)
Photo copyright Mike Wallen

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12556-YBWarbelr-350.JPG (17293 bytes)

12559-YBWarbelr-400a.JPG (31182 bytes)

12560-YBWarbelr-400.JPG (26437 bytes)
Above photos supplied by Jim Rose

14 Feb 156 YB WarblerX.jpg (27644 bytes)
Above photo supplied by Mike Collard

Y B Warbler at Bow Brickhill040404reduX.JPG (23249 bytes)

Yellow-browedWarb040404reduX.JPG (17024 bytes)
Photos supplied by Rob Andrews

This individual was found during  the morning by David Roche, a birder from nearby Bedfordshire.  The bird was relocated late afternoon, allowing good numbers of local birders to get a Bucks tick.  Fortunately the bird stayed around and was relocated again on each of the following days, until Easter Monday (12th) at least, allowing quite a  few county listers and other birders to see it.  The bird seem to favour a small group of trees right next to the footpath which runs through a golf course (which was very fortunate as it could have been on the 18th fairway!).

It is always difficult to photograph Warblers high in trees, hence the variable quality of the images. 


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