Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis

Calvert - 22nd December 2007

Photo copyright Tim Watts

The red eye ring can clearly be seen on the above bird.  This is one of the id features of Yellow-legged Gull.

Calvert - 8th December 2007

Photo copyright Steve Norman

Once again Calvert Lakes produce Yellow-legged Gulls.  The above photographs of an adult show how smart this species can look in the winter months.

Calvert - 3rd December 2004

YLEGBEST-450.jpg (14871 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

Calvert - November 2004

DSCN3794-450.jpg (26288 bytes)
Photo copyright Tim watts

Calvert Lake/s are one of the more reliable sites for this species in the county.  However to see one it usually means a visit just before dusk in the winter months.  Then it can be difficult to pick this species out from the thousands of other gulls that roost there. 


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