Bar-tailed Godwit Limosa lapponica

College Lake - 4th-5th May 2007

Photos copyright Mike Wallen

Photos copyright Dave Bilcock

This very smart summer plumaged male Bar-tailed Godwit was present on 4th and 5th May along with a female.  Six were seen at the site on 28th April and one on 2nd May making it difficult to know just how many individuals have passed through.

The top photo is an excellent comparison between the plumage and structure of the male and female.  The male is somewhat smaller with an obviously shorter bill, but has the reddish brown underparts that the female lacks.

Olney - 28th April 2006

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Above Photos copyright Mike Wallen

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Above Photos copyright Matt Slaymaker

This species is a fairly scarce visitor to the county and stays are normally brief.  However, this individual took up residence by a river near Olney for three days allowing quite a few county listers to see it.

Late April to early May is the peak time to see this species in Buckinghamshire, as is shown on the species chart.