Dartford Warbler Sylvia undata

Stoke Common - 3rd August 2003

The following pictures are part of a family group which were discovered on the very late date of 3rd August.   The site has been visited regularly during the Spring and Summer and it is not thought that there have been any other broods this year despite male and female birds being present.  This is the first year that Dartford Warblers have bred in the county and is the fifth new species proven to have bred in the county this year!  This species has gradually been expanding it's range north and eastwards from it's stronghold in the Dorset/Hampshire area and it has been on several Bucks birders "expected lists" for a while.  It breeds in other nearby counties including Berkshire and Surrey.  A welcome addition to Bucks aviafauna.

8963-DartfordW-male.JPG (29019 bytes)

8959-DartfordW-Adult.JPG (26658 bytes)

8962-DartfordW-Adult.JPG (29375 bytes)
Pictures supplied by Jim Rose

This male was very obliging and perched for around two minutes before returning to feeding duties.

8947-DartfordW.JPG (69312 bytes)

8950-DartfordW.JPG (60382 bytes)
Pictures supplied by Jim Rose

One of several juveniles seen which were waiting impatiently to be fed.

8981-DartfordW-Adult.JPG (55896 bytes)8990-DartfordW.JPG (49866 bytes)

The male perched briefly but as soon as the juvenile arrived it unfortunately departed.

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